Each name carries a specific set of sound vibrations, and these vibrations affect our psyche. Astrology draws analogies between sounds and astrological symbols. The meaning of all names and surnames can be found in a special source.


As a child, Dasha is very attractive and knows the power of her charm, early adopts coquetry techniques. From a young age he is interested in fashion, loves cosmetics, likes to try on mother’s dresses and jewelry. Very sociable and inquisitive. Painfully perceives criticism; failure to study can drive her into depression. The adult Daria becomes a fairly solid, confident woman. It authoritatively looks in society, achieves heights in the profession and knows how to defend its interests. It leaves its softness and spontaneity for a close circle of people. In the family and with friends, she reveals herself as a sincere, good-natured and very easy-going person.

With this name, Virgin, Crayfish, Libra and Pisces feel comfortable. Aries, Aquarius and Lions become more feminine. The name Dasha and Taurus are well suited, but there are problems with obstinacy.


Little Vika is a calm, unhurried and balanced girl. Very selective in hobbies. Already in childhood she knows what she should do, what to read and with whom to be friends. In youth, she suddenly becomes active, assertive, often even extravagant. Demonstrates leadership qualities, early masters the art of conquering men. Adult Victoria sets herself difficult goals and often achieves them thanks to her dedicated work. But she will be completely happy with her life only if there is a loved one nearby. She is a faithful and devoted wife, a charming mistress of the house.

Victoria is the perfect name for Aries, Libra and Capricorn. It makes Cancers and Pisces firmer and more self-confident, harmonizes the character of Leo, Sagittarius and Gemini. It can make Aquarius and Scorpions too unpredictable and jolly.


Little Lisa is a fidget and a minx. She is distinguished by a cheerful, carefree disposition, curiosity and friendliness. Lisa’s vulnerability is also high. In case of any resentment, tears are ready to pour, which, however, quickly dry out. At school, there are problems with behavior, especially if the child was not accustomed to discipline. A strong family is important for adult Elizabeth. Professions suit her creative or related to nature.

The name Elizabeth suits Taurus, Pisces, and Libra. Cancers bearing this name can find it difficult to part with childhood. Elizabeth softens the character of Scorpio, makes Capricorn, Sagittarius and Aquarius softer. Aries and Lions may become too intemperate.


It combines tenderness and firmness, a cute, childish spontaneity and an adult outlook on life. At times she seems vulnerable and defenseless, but a closer look reveals her wariness and seriousness. In adult Polina, these features are strengthened, she becomes restrained, persistent, purposeful and very hardworking. Her trump cards are her willpower, determination and amazing intuition. Pauline often chooses a job in the field of art or, oddly enough, the male profession — a lifeguard, pilot or driver. She loves to make something with her own hands. She is a faithful wife, but is often too demanding and uncompromising, which is not always good for marriage.

Air signs with this name reveal their best qualities. Perhaps Aries and Scorpions can become too aggressive, but Libra and Crayfish gain the self-sufficiency and self-confidence they need.


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